Game Scoring and Instructions

First text the keyword WORD MAY to 83134 to get started. The game play works as shown on this page. Each time you submit a word you will be awarded a score depending on the length of the word. Each time you play your score will automatically be incremented and displayed on the top 10 leaderboard.

Keep an eye on the leaderboard from day to day as you may get knocked off the top spot by other players, but remember you have a limited number of goes so use them wisely.

Scores can be increased by creating bonus words. These words have been specifically created for this game only and creating them can substantially increase your score. If you manage to make certain bonus words you will also automatically win a prize.

Good Luck

Text WORD MAY to 83134
On receiving your first 5 letters, reply with the next 3 letters of your choice.
You will then receive your final 2 letters to give you ten letters in total. Finally reply with the longest word you can think of.