How Low will it Go!

So you want one of the goodies shown? Well, just text us your bid for it. But wait... the goodies are not won and paid for by the person with the highest bid but by the person with the lowest unique bid. That's right, the LOWEST UNIQUE BIDTM


Only 1.50 to place a bid - Limited number of bids allowed per auction.

Once you have sent in your bid you will receive a SMS text to confirm your bid & inform you of the following:

1) Your bid is the lowest unique bid (for now!)
2) Your bid is not unique, bad luck.
3) Your bid is currently unique but not the lowest (however it still could win)


Auction Day - CLOSED 1st Sept at 10.00am

Sick of all different electronics you have. Today's lot is a fantastic O2 XDA digital assistant.

O2 XDA is a single Internet-ready Pocket PC and mobile phone in a stylish and light, full-colour device.

Access the internet, make calls, send emails with attachments, organise your diary, listen to music and play games.

Patent pending.
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