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General Information
How do I know if I have won?
Don't worry winners are typically contacted within 2 business days of winning (Monday to Friday) by a Million-2-1 representative. All winners are automatically captured and listed on the Million-2-1 database.

Do I need to keep my SMS messages as proof?
No. All messages and mobile numbers are captured by Million-2-1 software. If you've won, we'll contact you on the mobile phone you played on (this usually happens within 2 business days).

Who is Million-2-1?
Million-2-1 is a new gaming brand focused on supplying fun, low-stake games online and on your mobile. Our aim is for you to have fun and win big cash or prizes without the hastle of complicated registrations or confusing odds. Million-2-1 is a licensed UK bookmaker.

Who can I contact if I have a problem?
Million-2-1 operates a helpline on , Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm (messages can be left outside of these hours). You can also email us at .

Will I have to prove my age at any point?
Yes. If you are a winner we will ask you to confirm your date of birth by faxing or sending us your driver's licence or passport for verification.

Will I have to prove I own the mobile phone used at any point?
Yes. If you are a winner we will ask you to confirm you are the owner by faxing or sending us a copy of the first page of your latest mobile phone bill for verification. Pay as you go players will need to send a letter to Million-2-1 stating they are the owner of the mobile phone.

Will I be bombarded with SMS messages?
No. Million-2-1 does not believe in sending spam. Your data will stay within Million-2-1 and we will only notify you of new games if you have expressed an interest. Your details will not be shared with any other companies, other than our promotion partners. If you no longer want the messages, just send us an email to quoting your mobile number or SMS text STOP to 83403.

How many messages can I receive?
Depending on your mobile you can store between 15 and 100 messages before the memory is full.

How do I send an SMS message?
This will vary depending upon the type of mobile phone that you have but in general: Press Menu, Select Messages and then Write Messages. Key in the message and then press Options and then select Send. Enter the shortcode number that you wish to send the message to and press OK. Your phone may then display the words Message Sent.

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