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James Alexander was delighted to win the £1000 jackpot in our second NSPCC lottery draw. He said he couldn’t wait to spend the money and he will be subscribing to Million-2-1’s products a lot more in the future!

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David Hogg will enjoy the 2004/05 football season even more as he watches Blackburn on his new 42” plasma TV, a snip at 170 pence!

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There was huge excitement as Million-2-1 announced the first winner of the UK’s first SMS mobile lottery. Claire Raikes won £1,000 in the UK’s first SMS mobile lottery, run by Million-2-1 on behalf of the NSPCC, and she was presented with an unusual challenge for many of us: ‘what to do with the money?’ Claire already donates a significant part of her income and time to good causes, so when this unexpected windfall arrived she wondered what should she do? She ended up donating £100 to a
Guatemalan children’s and was left with £900 to spend on herself.

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“The first thing I did was to buy another 10 lottery tickets. But I’m not Mother Theresa” she protests. “I’d like to hand the money over in person, so I reckon £600 will pay for a Spanish course and a week’s exotic holiday in Central America. £30 went straight on champagne. £200 goes into the piggybank” she says.

Picture of the Featured Winner

Our first winner’s generosity reflects the spirit in which the Million-2-1/NSPCC Lottery is run, with a sense of fun and giving to create better relationships between people and their chosen causes. The NSPCC is blazing a trail that many will follow. Best of luck to Claire and everyone else who plays the lottery next time.

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