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Play our Christmas Dreamword game for the opportunity to win an XBox with 2 games and a James Bond digital spy camera. To win get to the top of the leaderboard when the game closes and the prizes will be yours.

Try and win bonus prizes by getting one of our prize bonus words opposite. Get any of these words and win the prize next to it. You could be starting the new year in a new car!

Keep an eye out for the bonus words as well as your score can be dramatically increased if you can create one.

The game is easy, just make the longest word you can using a selection of 7 random letters and 3 of your own choice. Choose your 3 letters skilfully and craft yourself the longest word possible. The longer the word the better the score.

Use your skill and judgement to make a special bonus word to win a fab prize or boost your score. Each player will be permitted a limited number of plays per game. To see the score tables and further instructions click 'scoring & instructions'.

The next game has now CLOSED.

Current Top10 Leaderboard - NOW CLOSED
1 Mansh 1390
3 Tony holland 1020
4 Bernard the elf 950
5 Gollum 500
6 Turkey boy gobble 440
7 MIKE 370
8 tariq 350
10 Frosty 320
  SANTACLAUS 5,000  
  DECORATION 5,000  
  MERRYXMAS 4,500  
  CHRISTMAS 4,000  
  MINCEPIES 2,000  
  MISTLETOE 1,800  
  REINDEER 1,500  
  PRESENTS 1,200  
  XMASTREE 1000  
  SNOWMAN 700  
  CRACKER 600  
  PARTIES 500  
  FESTIVE 450  
  TURKEY 250  
  CAROLS 200  
  CANDLE 180  
  WINTER 150  
  JINGLE 120  
  FAIRY 30  

Make your own present deliveries in a cool VW Beetle.

Watch the Xmas films on a fantastic plasma screen TV & play games on an XBox.

Get stuck into the Xmas sales with 500 of shopping vouchers.

Wash them Xmas dishes with a fantastic Zanussi Dishwasher.

Countdown to the new year with a new Armani watch

Keep your drinks cool with this sexy mini fridge.

Get the latest must have Snow-Boarding game.

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